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Our Team

Isaac SchmidOwner/Winemaker

As the driving force behind Synne Cellars, Isaac Schmid has seamlessly blended tradition and technology to create wines that embody the essence of terroir while embracing the advancements of the modern age. His approach is a delicate dance between the time-honored practices of the past and the cutting-edge techniques demanded by today's discerning consumers.

Isaac's commitment to health-conscious winemaking is evident in every bottle that bears the Synne Cellars label. Beyond crafting exquisite flavors, he is dedicated to ensuring that each sip is a celebration of both taste and well-being. This dedication has led him to explore and address various challenges in winemaking, from the impact of molds to navigating the complexities of allergens and sensitivities.

Isaac Schmid's journey is a testament to the belief that great wine is not just a product; it's a narrative written in the language of soil, climate, and passion. His wines tell a story of balance, authenticity, and a relentless pursuit of purity. As the winemaker behind Synne Cellars, Isaac Schmid continues to shape the future of winemaking, inviting enthusiasts to savor the fruits of his labor and the well being it brings.

Nova Chamberlain
Operations Manager

As the Supporting Operations Manager at Synne Cellars, Nova brings a wealth of expertise to the winery's backbone. With a decade-long operational management experience, Nova excels in supporting the operation of various facets of the winery.

Meticulous attention to detail and organizational prowess play a crucial role in maintaining the winery's operational harmony. From managing logistics to supporting initiatives.

In her supporting role, Nova embodies the essence of teamwork, making Synne Cellars a place where operational excellence meets the artistry of winemaking.